Kannan Natarajan

Kannan Natarajan is a strategic business leader focused on advising customers in th Skilling ,Higher Education,Retail and CPG Industry segments

Kannan has over 27 years of experience engaging customers across the globe

Over the past decade he has dedicatedly focused on engaging with Universities and Skill Development agencies across the globe.He has been engaged with customers such as National Skill Development Corporation,Department of Vocational Educarion and Training-Maharashtra,Maharashtra Higher Educational Department and various state skills mission across the globe.he advises customers in the area of compliance,globe expansion,student employability,enterpreneurship,self-employment etc.

Australia was a key focus geography and had established a very strong presence for Wipro. In this capacity, he had established long standing business partnership with University of Canberra, Australian National University, University of Sydney, Latrobe University, Department of Human Services Australia, National University of Singapore, University of Western Sydney, Land Transport Authority Singapore, NSW Department of Education, San Mateo Transport, State of Nebraska etc.

He has managed large programs for customers such as Nike, Bestbuy, JC Penney, Al Tayer etc.

He was employed with Campus Management Corporation, Wipro.

Public References

Few Engagements

Sr. No. Customer Organization Represented Engagment Deal Size (IN USD)
1 Maharashtra IT Campus Management Implimentation of an end-to-end ERP solution for 14 state university, 400 constituent and Affaliated colleges impacting 2.7 million Students. 17
2 Department of Vocational Education and Training Maharashtra Campus Management Implimentation of an end-to-end ERP solution for DVET, 1800 it is, impacting 3.5 million Students. Including Admissions, Counciling basied on Merit List. 2
3 National Skill Development Corporation Campus Management Skill Development Management Solutions over 4 Years 8
4 National University of Singapour Wipro IT Infrastucture Outsourcing(5 tear contacts) 45
5 Land Transport Authority of Singapour Wipro Data Analytics Platform 14
6 University of Canberra Wipro IT Infrastructure, KPO, Admission, Process Outsourcing 20
7 University of Sydney Wipro Data Analytics Platform 1
8 London Metropolitan University Wipro IT Infrastructure, KPO, Admission, Process Outsourcing(Deal signed. Did not progressdue to customer issues.) 60

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