New Technology Adoptions

Education management tools and platforms provide a unified data solution across the student journey. Learner and learning data are visible to teachers, parents, students and administrators to assist in decision-making and tracking progress.

Advancements in artificial intelligence technology is driving an increasingly sophisticated approach to unlocking knowledge from enormous volumes of text-based data to uncover new patterns, connections and ideas. Powerful search capability and automated, intelligent systems can connect knowledge from multiple language formats.

Edventures can provide solutions in this category with personalized and predictive recommendations, and also solve the communication challenge across many stakeholders by automating workflow, alerts and providing dashboard-like data visualisation

As the cornerstone of learning, assessment design, delivery, grading and feedback has been digitized significantly over the past fifteen years. Now far beyond multiple choice question banks, technology solutions are enabling everything from online proctoring, handwriting and audio to text, analysis of video assessment, robust peer-grading systems and assessment design tools. AI applications in text analysis supports machine-grading of complex written work and identification of engagement and participation in online classrooms


Edventures provide Portfolio solutions, provide an individual online space to evidence work, knowledge and skills, which is ‘owned’ by the learner/professional rather than by the institution. Portfolio systems become the ‘digital persona’ of an individual, rendering the traditional CV obsolete and with the learner in control of who gets access to what information